Executive Officer Survey Form

Please read the questions carefully and answer truthfully to the best of your ability. Your answers may make an impact to the club and may be seriously considered.
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Competitive Salsa Team
Salsa Club
Executive Officer Board

Tried to be a team player.
Demonstrated high levels of initiative in seeking new ways of doing things.
Led by example.
Made people accountable and offered support.
Communicated a clear vision with recognizable goals for the organization and its people.
Stated expectations clearly and confirmed understanding.
Made and communicated decisions promptly.
Resolved conflict with the goal for all to succeed.
Communicated with charisma and effectiveness.
Took responsibility for decisions and held myself accountable.
Involved others in the planning process.
Recognized others' hard work and showed appreciation towards them.
Have been accessible for communication.
Used officers to the best of their ability.

President: Joshua Mendoza
Captain: Neha Arora
Vice-President: Romeo Ancheta Jr.
Treasurer: Amanda Tran

The club environment was a good place for me to grow as a leader.
I was given enough tools to be able to conduct my tasks.
I feel that what I learned can be applied to my own life someday.
Your familiarity with the purpose of the Salsa Club.
Your familiarity with the roles of each Executive Officer.
Your familiarity with the roles of each Board Officer in your Department.
Your familiarity with the rules of the team.
Your familiarity with the officer contract.
Your familiarity with the club consitution.
Your familiarity with the history of the club.
Your familiarity with the club website.